7 Ways to Give Your Living Room a Cozy Feel

A cozy living room with elite sofa in Vancouver

If you have been spending more time than you ever thought possible inside your home, you may have started some home improvement and interior design projects.

Giving your home a cozy feel is a great way to increase the comfort and livability of your space. It doesn’t have to be drastic (although an overhaul might feel good, too) but the addition of a new piece of furniture like an Elite Sofa or simply some accessories can make a huge difference.

We wanted to give you a few home decor ideas to make your living room a cozy, comfy feel. Just in case, you know, you unexpectedly end up spending a lot of there.

7 Ideas of How to Decor Cozy Home


Plants are a versatile, beautiful way to cozy up a living home. Not only do they clean the air but they are fun to tend to and watch grow. Especially with longer Spring days, some plants produce flowers, giving an extra pop of colour to space. There are countless ways to incorporate plants into a living room — tall ones to take up an empty space, wall hangings, a shelf full of cacti. You name it.

New Elite Sofa

A high quality, comfortable sofa is essential for a cozy home. Elite Sofas come in an array of options to fit into any style of decor. If you are ready to replace an old sofa or to upgrade to a highly cozy sitting space, Elite Sofas have you covered.

A Coat of Paint

No need to paint a whole room, but painting an accent wall with a darker hue can cozy up a room and make for a fun project. Remember to get the supplies you need and go in with a plan. But the good news is that paint mistakes can be fixed with a little more paint!

Floor Coverings

It is amazing how much a new rug can warm up a room. If you really want to make a room cozy, a thoughtfully chosen rug does just the trick. You can either find one that blends into the existing colour scheme or find one that adds a playful contrast. There are endless options for shape, colour and materials so shop around.

New Lighting

Strategically placed lighting is a surefire way to cozy up a living room. Hanging lights, floor lamps, string lights, sconces — loads of options out there. To really alter the feel of the room, think about having lights on dimmers so that you can adjust throughout the day with natural light and keep things dim in the morning and at night. Oh, and don’t forget to always have some candles on hand when you want to set the mood.


It might not seem like new plush throw pillows and a few soft blankets will do much for the feel of a cozy room, but they do! These living room accents are a very simple way to change with the seasons and freshen things up when you get bored with the way things look. Plus extra pillows and blankets come in really cool fabrics and designs so you can get creative, and it is always nice to have something to sink into at the end of a long day or when you’re settling in with a book or a movie.

Reading Chair

All too often reading chairs are just for show, but for a truly cozy home, a comfortable reading chair that you actually use is 100% necessary. Why waste space with something you don’t use? A living room is for a living so your furniture should be inviting and cozy.

More cozy home decor ideas

To take your living room from cold to cozy can be done with a few tweaks or modifications. A new piece of furniture, like an Elite Sofa can make all the difference, but so can something simple like a new throw rug. If you are looking for elite sofas in Vancouver, please contact us for more information.

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