Interior Design Trends for 2022

Image of living room decorated with interior design trends

It’s that time of the year — when all of our favourite influencers and thought leaders start putting out lists. There are usually two kinds: lists that cap off or rank the year we just had (another doozy) and lists that offer predictions for the year ahead. Interior design trends are always fun to keep the eye on. And since … Read More

The Best Way to Rearrange Furniture

Image of mother and daughter moving a piece of furniture together

Over the last nearly two years, people have been spending a lot more time at home than normal. Lots of people have taken this situation as an opportunity to do those home projects they have been putting off for years, like buying new (Canadian-made) sofas and other furniture, or completely redoing rooms in the home. The home renovation industry has … Read More

How Long Should a Leather Couch Last?

Image of brown leather couch with throw pillow in corner.

Buying a new sofa isn’t something you do every day. For many people, it is a big purchase that comes with some planning, build up, and excitement. There are many factors to consider! The shape, colour, and, maybe most importantly, the material. Today, we’re going to talk about leather sofas. Leather sofas have a maintained a reputation for a long … Read More