Benefits of Fabric and Leather Sofas – Which is Right For You?

Image of leather sofa

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for a new sofa – the size, shape, colour, density of the cushions and how it feels to sit and relax. But one of the most important things to consider is the material that the living room couch will be made of. The two most common types of sofas are either fabric or leather.

Each have benefits, and what works best for you and your home will depend on your personal circumstances and preferences. Today we’ll go through some of the benefits of each, so that you can have a better idea of which will work best for you.

Fabric Sofas

The textiles used in living room furniture can vary widely. For example, cotton, wool and linen are some of the popular natural upholstery fabrics, plus there are a range of synthetic materials, too. The weave of each of these, or how they are manufactured will affect they way they feel and how long they last.

Given the diversity of options, fabric sofas are more popular than leather sofas. And here are some of the benefits that explain why people would choose this option.


Fabric sofas are the more budget-friendly option. The price point of fabric sofas can soar, but they also might be the less expensive choice when compared to a similar sofa in leather.


Fabric sofas, especially well-built and high-quality sofas, can be extremely comfortable all year round. In other words, how the fabric feels against the skin is still comfortable, whether it’s in the middle of a heat wave or cold snap or something in between. Also, fabric can be softer than leather, and a fabric couch arrives sort of broken in and ready to enjoy. However, it is a good idea to keep your eye on this – you want a fabric sofa that will retain it’s structure and not break down too quickly.


There are endless options when it comes to the range of colours, patterns, and variety of fabric sofas. As opposed to leather, where the material is likely one colour, fabric sofas can come in vibrant or neutral colours, or with trendy designs like floral or stripes. The thing to remember if you invest in a statement fabric sofa is that it will go out of style at some point. (If you like to update your sofa every so often, then this is not a drawback!)

On to leather. For some people, nothing beats leather living room furniture, and it’s understandable. Leather furniture has some enticing qualities, including the following.


Leather furniture tends to have an effortlessly, classically cool vibe to it. Especially a high-quality leather sofa after it is worn in a bit and the leather takes on a nice patina and becomes soft. Leather furniture adds a sense of style to any room and a classic leather living room sofa rarely goes out of style.


If you are investing money into a nice new couch, you expect that is going to last for many years to come. With the proper care, a leather sofa can last a lifetime. In fact, leather can get better with age, especially if you take good care of it (which means oiling the leather once or twice a year).


One of the great things about leather furniture is that it does not trap dust and mites and allergens like fabric can. If someone in your household has sensitivities, a leather sofa is a good option because all it requires to keep clean is a simple wipe down – even with pets and kids in the house!

Easy to Clean

As noted in the point above, leather sofas are fairly easy to clean and to take care of. If you spill liquids on a fabric sofa, you will need to spring into action and take care to clean it immediately. Fabric can also retain odours and stains, whereas leather is more repellant and easier to keep clean. 

At the end of the day, buying living room furniture might take some research. If you are in the market for a new sofa, come on into our store so you can see for yourself the different options available. It’s also so helpful to talk to our sales associates who can answer all of your questions so that you end up making the right choice for you and your home.

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