Living Room Furniture Trends Were Buzzing About in 2022

Image of living room

Like all trends – in fashion, food, and tastes of all kinds – living room trends change, too. The great thing about updating your living room to stay modern and exciting is that you can swap out things like individual pieces of living room furniture like sofas and couches, or even accent pieces like throw pillows, art, and rugs. Even … Read More

What is Art Deco and How Can You Integrate It Into Your Interior Design?

Image of pink chair with jewel toned decor in art deco style living room

You know the saying, what’s old is new again? That refers, of course, to the trends that get recycled and become fashionable again. This happens usually every 20 years or so in fashion, interior design, and other cultural trends. But there are some styles that stay cool forever. Art deco is one of those.  If you are wondering what art … Read More

What is Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

Image of living room decorated with Mid Century Modern furnishings and decor

If you are thinking about updating your living room furniture and home décor and have been looking through design blogs or magazines, you likely have come across the term: Mid Century Modern (or MCM). You might also be able to naturally identify pieces that were designed and built in that era (or that mimic that style). Known for the sleek, … Read More

Interior Design Trends for 2022

Image of living room decorated with interior design trends

It’s that time of the year — when all of our favourite influencers and thought leaders start putting out lists. There are usually two kinds: lists that cap off or rank the year we just had (another doozy) and lists that offer predictions for the year ahead. Interior design trends are always fun to keep the eye on. And since … Read More