Interior Design Trends for 2022

Image of living room decorated with interior design trends

It’s that time of the year — when all of our favourite influencers and thought leaders start putting out lists. There are usually two kinds: lists that cap off or rank the year we just had (another doozy) and lists that offer predictions for the year ahead.

Interior design trends are always fun to keep the eye on. And since the last two years have seen most people spend A LOT more time at home, it’s no surprise that the interior design trends for 2022 are an extension of pandemic life.

So what does the future have in store? If you are thinking of making some investments to your home space — consider these trends to stay ahead of the curve and live in style.


While minimalism has been on the rise for some time, one byproduct of spending so much time indoors is that people started decluttering in earnest. There has also been a shift for many who are rethinking how much one needs to be happy or fulfilled. Less is more, as they say. For a 2022 interior design update, consider choices that are multifunctional storage pieces, organized rooms, and a focus on simplifying.

Nature Indoors

Indoor houseplants got a lot of extra love over the last while, and there seems to be a deeper appreciation for nature. Perhaps it’s the increased awareness on our planet’s fragile ecosystem. This trend extends into 2022, with lush indoor plants and nature-hued accents taking centre stage.

Round Lines

Round lines promote increased energy flow and a sense of softness and ease. And don’t we all need some of that these days? Think rounded lines on coffee tables and sofas. In fact, the best sofa manufacturers in Canada make a range of options that have soft or rounded lines that are customizable in colours and materials. The perfect investment for 2022.

Dreamy Sofas

Now is the time to invest in the sofa that you’ve always wanted. Consider local options with a Canadian sofa manufacturer and take your time to think about what you really want — the shape, material, and firmness should all come into account. Let’s face it, purchasing a comfy yet stylish, minimalist sofa is the least we can do for ourselves. You’ll see beautiful sofas dominate the 2022 interior design trends lists.

Thoughtful Patterns

To complement minimalism, we are seeing intentional patterns pop up here and there. Keep things chic and interesting with cool tiles in the bathroom or kitchen backsplash, install new flooring with an updated parquet or herringbone motif, or have one accent wall with geometric wallpaper. It’s the perfect complement to an otherwise sparse interior design.

Neo Retro

With supply chains disrupted and a focus on re-use, reduce, and recycle, consider breathing new life into a retro piece. Reupholster or upcycle with fresh paint, new hardware, or a good deep clean. In summary, retro pieces are finding new life in 2022. Look to online marketplaces or your local vintage shops to find great pieces that can accompany more modern pieces.

Interior design is all about creating a space that feels comfortable for you. Luckily, the options are truly endless and can always be updated and changed. If you are in the market for a Canadian manufactured sofa to add to your living space, we would be thrilled to help you find the perfect one to welcome 2022 with!

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