Sofa Buying Guide

if you need to buy sofa, here is the sofa guide to pick the right sofa for your home in Parksville

Buying a new sofa is an exciting venture. It’s certainly not something that happens every day. Perhaps you’ve decided that it is time to upgrade or replace your current sofa and started doing some research.

You may soon discover that there are nearly endless options to think about and a whole new world of lingo to learn. It’s always encouraged to come into our Parksville sofa store so that we can make the decision easy for you. But until then, here are some simple things to think about while you are narrowing down your options.

Things to Narrow Down Your Sofa Options

1. Size and Shape

Many factors will go into deciding what size and shape the sofa will be. If you have a large family or enjoy having friends over for movies in the family room, you may opt for a grande sofa three-seater sofa or a down-stuffed sectional. If instead, this sofa is going in the study or the office where you hold meetings, you may want something a little stiffer and smaller.

There are other shape factors to consider. Do you want a sofa with arms or do you want an armless sofa? What shape and height do you want the arms? Does your dream sofa have around the back or are there pillows to support the person seated?

Before you come into the sofa shop, spend some time looking at examples, saving pictures of ideas that you like, and take accurate measurements of your space. There are guidelines to how much space you will need to walk around the sofa, but our store employees will talk you through it.

2. Material

Some materials are more durable than others (great for young children), others exude a high-end look (for the sitting room where you will host company). And there are so many to choose from — leather, microfibre, tweed, velvet. Or maybe you want a sofa that has a removable slipcover that you can easily remove and wash.

3. Colour

Of course, the colour will play a big part in your sofa decision. Sofas make a great accent piece if you want something bold. Or you can go with something neutral and use pillows and throws to make it more vivid.

It’s a good idea to have the walls painted the colour you want before you go furniture shopping. Or at least bring in a sample of the wall colour so you can make sure you are getting a complimentary colour.

There are a few other things to consider when it comes to getting the mattress you envision in your mind. The frame, cushioning, suspension, where it’s made and how long it will take to get to you — these are all decisions that will need to be made.

It can be a lot to take it. But you don’t have to worry about it. Shopping for a sofa in person at our store is the best way to know what you need. Nothing beats the feeling of actually sitting on a model. And our amazing staff is here to answer any and every question you have. They have heard it all and are ready to make the process of buying a sofa simple and easy for you.

If you are looking for sofas, please visit our sofa store in Parksville.

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