What Are The Best Uses For Ottomans?

learn how to use and create extra purposes for ottoman

An ottoman is an excellent addition to any living space, and these beautiful and versatile items are really having a moment. You can now find ottomans in all kinds of shapes, designs, colours, and materials.

This is great news because an ottoman is the type of furniture that can serve many purposes — in form and function. If you think that your room is missing that certain something, let’s go over why the humble ottoman might be your answer.

How to Use Ottoman?

1. Extra Storage

Everyone in the world needs extra storage, and ottomans are the perfect way to add some extra pack-away space to a living room or bedroom. Many ottomans are cleverly designed so that you can open the top to store blankets, remote controls, or anything else that might be adding clutter to your space. Great for both living rooms and bedrooms, an ottoman designed with storage will come in handy when you need to quickly tidy up your space!

2. More Seating

Convert your sofa into an L-shaped sectional by attaching an ottoman, or let it float free to create a separate seating space for guests. Ottomans are great because they are mobile and don’t always have to function as seating. But they really do come in handy when guests arrive, and they provide much better last-minute seating options than a kitchen chair or the floor!

3. Complement Your Interior Design

Ottomans come in various heights and shapes (cylindrical, hexagonal, round or square) — but the best thing about them is that they can add a pop of colour or an element of fabulous design to an otherwise neutral room. If you have an aesthetic that incorporates a soft colour palette or one that is mostly light-toned, then a bright or colourful ottoman can really tie together a room, or add an element of fun. Plus it’s an easy piece of furniture to update or replace whenever you are ready to change it up.

4. Versatile Coffee Table

Not everyone loves a traditional coffee table, and ottomans are a great way to rethink the function of this piece of furniture. You can find one that compliments your couch or sofa and add a tray or hard surface so that it functions as a coffee table. Ottomans often come on wheels (or castors can be added) so that it provides even more versatility.

Basically, an ottoman can be whatever you want it to be. And since they are a generally affordable piece of furniture, you can really have fun with them. And then you can switch it up, or even re-cover it if you are craving a new design. If you are looking for a simple way to add some extra colour, seating, or storage to your space, an ottoman is a perfect place to start.

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